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5 reasons to do an industry unit this semester

Boost your employability with our new industry project units
In our industry and community project units, you can swap traditional lectures and assessments for hands-on group project work with our leading industry, community and government partners.

This semester, you can be part of our cohort of students tackling a real issue set by one of our major industry partners. Our new project-based interdisciplinary units of study offer a change of pace from the usual university timetable and an opportunity to gain experience and insight into working in industry. In 2019, we’re offering more than 35 partner projects.


In these units of study, you won’t be answering a hypothetical or abstract brief – you’ll be undertaking a project set by actual businesses and organisations, and be challenged to come up with a creative solution to problems that they’re actually facing.

The projects and partners are diverse and future-facing. You could investigate the impact of artificial intelligence on banking for Westpac, or propose ways local government can improve parks and green space access in inner-Sydney – these are real matters and there are no textbooks in sight.


The interdisciplinary project units are designed to connect you with your future employers. You’ll work closely with the partners through the unit, and pitch your solution to them at the end of the semester. It’s not only a great way to gain experience working on real-world projects – but also to establish valuable connections with potential employers.


When industry leaders talk about today’s workforce, ‘collaboration’ and ‘success’ are often mentioned in the same breath. Traditional units of study rarely offer the chance to link up with students from other parts of the University, but these project units make cross-discipline collaboration a priority.


It’s a competitive job market out there, so it’s critical that you use your time at uni to boost your employability. These units will stand out as an excellent addition to your CV – it will demonstrate experience working with industry, as well as skills in collaborative problem-solving, creativity and critical-thinking. These are all qualities that employers love to see.


It seems everyone’s talking about the future of work, and the challenges that we’ll face – from employers, politicians and thought-leaders, to the people who will form this workforce tomorrow (in other words, you!). We’ve taken great strides to ensure our teaching and learning experiences are best preparing graduates for the future of work; this was the driving influence in the development of these units. You’ll get a head-start in thinking about and responding to the future.

Industry and community projects are open to students who have completed 72 credit points, subject to some criteria. Enrol now.

11 January 2018


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